Janis Flippen Public Relations and Social Media
Janis Flippen Public Relations and Social Media
Brand Network


We understand the importance of identifying a brand and helping to communicate that message to each of its targeted audiences. In a fast-paced world, making a client's message stand out and be heard is crucial. We deliver our client's messages with enthusiasm and creativity, utilizing strategically driven marketing to gain measurable results.

Targeted Exposure


Developing results requires a plan of action. We take the time to analyze the needs of each and every client and implement a strategy to target the optimum media outlets that will help generate the type of coverage that will bring results.

Cross Reach


Todays communication is much more involved than simply distributing a press release. There is active engagement with social media outlets that are continuing to gain momentum. With so many ways to communicate, each and every project is approached with a strategy and end goal. And each message is tailor-made for the specific target audience, reaching across all lines of communication.

Press Resources, Public Relations


Because of our extensive experience in public relations, clients have the benefit of our solid media contacts that have been developed over the years. Key relationships have been formed with the travel media which have helped to produce amazing results for tourism clients. Press relationships both locally and regionally have also been established with reporters, editors and correspondents covering a wide variety of topics and news beats.